Budgerigar Society of South Africa (BSSA) Membership Application

Please note that you have to join one of the clubs affiliated to the BSSA and this application will be referred to your nearest club unless you specify which club you would like to join. The final decision regarding which club you join will depend on you.

Your Title :
Your Full Names :
Your Surname :
Your Gender :
Your Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy) :
Your Postal Address :
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Your Email Address :
Your Contact number :
Do you belong to a Bird Club :
If No please indicate region in which you are looking for a club :
I live near or in the following large town :
If you do belong to a Club please type the name :
If you know which club you would like to join please select : Jacaranda Show Budgie Society (Pretoria)
Cape Peninsula Budgerigar Society
Cape Town Budgerigar Club
East London Budgerigar Society
East Rand Budgerigar Society
Gauteng Budgie Club
Karoo Budgerigar Club
Northern Cape Budgerigar Society
Premier Budgerigar Club (Johannesburg)
Tygerberg Budgerigar Club
Vaaldriehoek Budgerigar Klub
Vrystaat Budjie Vereniging
Budgerigar Society of Namibia
I would like to join from (dd/mm/yyy) :
How did you hear about the Society or Show Budgies? : Media
Web Site
Telephone Directory
I visited a show
Pet Shop
Vets Office
Was a breeder previously
Feel free to type in more comments and questions below :

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