Colour of the Year National Winner
2005 Cobalt & Mauve Nel Brothers Stud
2006 Clearbody D.E.C. Mulder
2007 Recessive Pied Molkentin Stud
2008 Light Green Molkentin Stud
2009 Violet PRC Aviaries
2010 Dominant Pied Tommie Roodt
2011 Lacewing Carstens Partnership
2012 Grey Molkentin Stud
2013 Double Factor Spangle Pierre Swart
2014 Opaline Green and Opaline Grey Green Bleasdale, Taylor & Wright
2015 Skyblue Enul Warrington
2016 Opaline Grey and Opaline Blue Molkentin Stud
2017 Grey Green Steve Botoulas
2018 Opaline Cinnamon Green and Opaline Cinnamon Blue. Combined award Molkentin Stud
2019 Spangle Blue and Spangle Green. Combined award. Molkentin Stud
2020 Lutino and Albino. Combined award.  
2021 Yellowface  
2022 Cinnamon Blue and Cinnamon Green. Combined award.  
2023 Yellow and White, Greywing, and Clearwing. Combined award.  
2024 Dark Green