Nel Brothers Stud

The Nel Brothers Stud is made up of John and Ian Nel. We joined the Northern Transvaal
Budgerigar Society (NTBS) in1996 as Beginners. Initially we showed separately but later
decided to form a partnership to be known as the Nel Brothers Stud. We became
founding members of the Jacaranda Show Budgie Society (JSBS) in October 1998.
We were elected onto the club management committee. Ian is the Club Chairman
and John is the Secretary. John was elected onto the Budgerigar Society of South
Africa's management committee in 2008 and served until 2010.

We were promoted to Novice status in October1998, Intermediate in October 2000,
and Champion in 2002.

We have had successes at shows winning Best Beginner, Best Novice and Best Intermediate
on Show over the years. We have won numerous Challenge Certificates and have a registered
Champion Bird. We have won Best Any Age on show at Championship shows.

We live in the northern suburbs of Pretoria, South Africa.The climate varies from about 3 degrees
in winter to 35 degrees celcius in summer.

The Aviary

The Breeding Room

Our Birds

Equipment and Feeding