BSSA On-Line Ring Order Form

Name :
Partnership Name (if applicable):
Ring Code (if new member type New):
Contact Number :
Email Address:
Indicate the club you belong to : BSN - Budgerigar Society of Namibia
CPBS - Cape Peninsula Budgerigar Society
CTBC - Cape Town Budgerigar Club
ELBS - East London Budgerigar Society
ERBS - East Rand Budgerigar Society
GBC - Gauteng Budgie Club
JSBS - Jacaranda Show Budgie Society
KABC - Karoo Budgerigar Club
NCBS - Northern Cape Budgerigar Society
PBC - Premier Budgerigar Club
TBC - Tygerberg Budgerigar Club
VBK - Vaaldriehoek Budgerigar Klub
VBV - Vrystaat Budjie Vereniging
Indicate the Type of Rings required: Show Budgies (4.20mm)
Budgies of Colour (3.50 mm). Plastic Only.

Note: The BSSA and Management cannot be held liable if incorrect Type of Ring is ordered and made according to the selection made above. Please ensure you order correct rings. 

Indicate for which Year Rings are required :
Number of Rings Required
( Min order 20 rings )
Indicate the type of Rings required: Aluminium Rings (@ R7.00 each for 2020)
Plastic Rings (@ R6.00 each for 2020)

Note: All Budgies of Colour rings will be made in Plastic even if Aluminium is selected above.

From Ring Number :
To Ring Number :
Mail Preference : Postnet Counter to Counter at R100
Aramex (Pick n Pay) Delivery to your Door at R100
Will be collected from Ring Secretary in Pretoria
Address Rings must be posted to. Indicate None if using PostNet Counter to Counter :

If you selected PostNet Counter to Counter please specify the address of the PostNet Store.

PostNet Store Name and Address:

If an item below carries no cost indicate R0 in the field provided.

Total Cost of Rings :
Aluminium @ R7.00
Plastic @ R6.00 :
Cost of Postage :
Total amount due :

Proof of payment to be forwarded to the BSSA Ring Secretary Ian Nel at BSSA Ring Secretary immediately to prevent delays in rings being ordered. You will receive a notification via SMS regarding progress. If you do not receive a notification within two days please follow up.

All payments to be made to the Budgerigar Society of South Africa. Please use your ring code as bank reference. Proof of payment to be forwarded to the Ring Secretary within two days otherwise order will NOT be placed or order can be cancelled. The BSSA Bank Details are as follows:       

Bank Name: NEDBANK
Account No.: 1748 356 860
Branch Name: Vanderbijlpark
Branch code: 17483700

DECLARATION : I am aware my rings will only be ordered after I send proof of payment which is received by the Ring Secretary. I am a fully paid-up member of the BSSA. If my proof of payment is not received within 2 days this order can be cancelled. All orders below 20 rings will automatically be cancelled.

I will track my rings using the provided Tracking Number received from the BSSA Ring Secretary. If my rings are returned to the BSSA Ring Secretary I will pay postage again to have rings posted a second time.

Note: Rings are ordered twice monthly on the 1st and 16th of the month. Please ensure you order well in advance as the supplier makes other bird rings as well and if they are busy there will be a manufacturing delay before delivery.

Please note that once you press the Submit button below your order is immediately delivered to the Ring Secretaries email. You will receive a screen displaying your order for a few seconds as your confirmation. If this is not displayed you will receive a message indicating any fields you did not complete. You will have to complete these before submitting.

No need to press the Submit button twice or even query your order with the Ring Secretary. Your Proof of Payment is matched to your ring order and if anything is missing the Ring Secretary will notify you.

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