Important Dates to remember

Item Date Comment
Last Ring Order Aluminium - 1 September
Plastic - 15 October
Last date rings can be ordered for current year.
First Ring Order 15 July Rings can be ordered for the following year from this date. This will ensure you receive your rings by 1 November.
Ring Issue Date 1 November Rings are issued by 1 November for new breeding season.
Rejoining Fee As from 1 January BSSA Affiliation is due on 31 October. Members have grace until 31 December although any rings ordered will not be issued until affiliation is paid up. As from 1 January a rejoining fee becomes payable.
BSSA Affiliation Due on or before 31 October Members BSSA Affiliation is payable by clubs on or before 31 October. Members do have a grace period up until 31 December. From 1 January a rejoining fee becomes payable.
Nomination for BSSA Management Committee All nominations for BSSA MC must be submitted by clubs 3 months before the BSSA AGM. Nominations for President, Chairman, Vice Chairman and Treasurer must be submitted 3 months before the BSSA AGM. Additional members are nominated from the floor.
Club delegated to the BSSA AGM Club delegates representing a club to be submitted to the Administrator in writing, together with a paid up membership list, at or before the roll-call of the BSSA AGM. Club delegated to be sent to the Administrator before roll call of the BSSA AGM. Delegate letters as well as a club paid up membership list to be handed in. Club delegates become the Governing Body of the Society for the following year. Failing to submit Club delegates will result in the club having no voting rights. See Constitution Clause 4.3.1 and 4.3.2.
Club Précis After each meeting - Club précis must be submitted at least once every 3 months Club précis should be completed on-line using the form on the website. When Submit is clicked the form is sent to the Administrator.
Paid up membership list Continuously - A Paid up Membership List to be submitted as soon as there is a change in membership. The Club Secretary should submit a Paid up Membership List as soon as their is a change in membership. This could be (1) When a new member joins (2) A member resigns (3) Before the BSSA AGM. This ensures that the club knows their members and that the Club and the BSSA Administrator have matching records.