Afro Budgie Club vs Jacaranda Show Budgie Society - Inter-Club Show

ABC vs JSBS - Inter-Club Show April 2015

The Afro Budgie Club and Jacaranda Show Budgie Society held an Inter-Club Show on 11 April 2015 at the home of the Molkentin's. Much fun was had by all. Visits to the Molkentin Stud as well as Christine Molkentin's rares took place. A total of 15 people attended the Inter-Club with 39 birds being benched. There was 18 Champion, 11 Intermediate and 10 Novice birds on show. ABC had 24 birds entered and JSBS / JSBC had 15 birds on show. The results where as follows:

Best Bird on Show Molkentin Stud ABC
Best Opposite Sex on Show Molkentin Stud ABC
Best Champion on Show Molkentin Stud ABC
Best Intermediate on Show JNJ Show Stud ABC
Best Novice on Show Bill Stanley JSBS

The Afro Budgie Club gained 36 points in total with Jacaranda Show Budgie Society gaining 19 points.

The winners of the first ABC vs JSBS/C is Afro Budgie Club. Congratulations to all who took part as well as all the winners on the day.

Front: Holger, Christine, Noele, Japie, Reinhard, Bill, John
Back: Wimpie, Ryan, Ian, Gert, Mike
Mike, Japie, Reinhard Noele and Ian get ready for the judging. Note the special staging.
Trainee judge, Ian Nel starts judging while Japie, Holger, Gert, Bill, Reinhard look on.
Noele and Christine make their boere wors rolls while Ryan and Wimpie look on.
Japie on his way to make his boere wors roll while Ryan and Wimpie look on and Christine adds the final touches to her roll.
One of the birds on display.

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