CURRENT HONORARY LIFE MEMBERS of BSSA since introduction in March 2017.

The following members have rendered signal service to the Society.  Honorary Life members of the Society are elected by majority vote at the AGM of the Governing Body. The election of Honorary Life members shall be restricted to a maximum of one per year and shall be restricted to a total of 16 in all at any time.
Artus  HG  (Heino)
Barnard  RO
Bleasdale  IM  (Ian)
Davie  D  (Deon)
de Beer  AP  (Pat)
de Beer  GA  (Gerald)
Dunlop  J  (John)
Smit  JGC  (Japie)
Stoltz  GGP
Taylor  MA  (Malcolm)
Molkentin  R  (Reinhard)
Nel  JA  (John)
Swart  PA  (Pierre)
Olivier  A  (Albert)
*As at 6 August 2020