New Show Cages

The BSSA has approved a new Wire Show Cage for use on the show bench at shows.

This is a total shift from the traditional wooden box show cages which has served
the Society for a very long time. Due to birds getting bigger the wooden cages tend
to make some birds hunch up at the back of the show cage due to the roof design.
The new Wire Show Cages are the same size as the previous show cage but the roof
is now straight across and not slanted.

The new Show Cage also has one perch instead of two. This is a great improvement as
birds cannot jump from perch to perch. If the Judge wants to view the other side the cage
is simply turned around.

Maintenance is also greatly improved in that the plastic bottom is clipped loose and sprayed
down together with the wire section.

Another advantage is that these cages take up a fraction of the space when transporting them
to a show. It is estimated that at least 5 times the number of show cages can now be transported
in the same space as the wooden show cages.

The birds are also much more comfortable in these cages and are much more relaxed.

These cages are an evolution and not just a simply an upgrade on what was previously used.

South African Show Results

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All South African Show results from 1999 are available. Follow this link to see photo's of the winning birds for each show.